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Admin App - Bjorn Gomes

Post  bjorngomes on Fri Sep 23, 2011 3:33 pm

Name In Game(Account/Main Character):
IRL Name: Bjorn Van Der Heijden
IRL Age: 14
Country of Residence: Dutch, Helmond
Main language: Netherlands
Other languages spoken: English
Time spent on Paradox: 17 hours
How many bans/jails/warns have you had? No:
Now onto the Long Answer Questions, please answer in 100 words or more each.

What do you think a admin does on here?: Admins Helping poeples The new poeples and Handly the reports and not Not abusing there powers and over jailing for such little things. Also even if you do not like the player you should still be fair like you like them

Whats your idea of "Good" and "Bad" roleplay? How do you react to players with bad roleplay?
Good roleplay is do what you do in real life and you are doing jobs
Bad roleplay is If you DM MG PG Or RK and rulebreaking

Other Questions:

Tell us 3 rules in your own words, explain them, And what you'd do if you saw a player breaking them
Never MG: Using OOC knowledge and applying it to an IC Situation.
Never DM: Death matching is Killing poeple Without any reason
Never RK: RK is Killing poeples Who have you killed them

What do you think you can bring our staff team?
You can trust me always i believe if i have time i would help poeples I'm Most online

Why do you want to be an admin here?
I was admin in Radical Gaming so i was a perfect admin So now i wanna join this team i Love this roleplay too much i hope i will be accepted

If you saw a player Non-RP Driving, how would you solve this?
A:I tink i will get him license and he should retake test until he pass.
B:If is a newbie i will teach him how to drive.

FINAL PART (I promise)
Multiple choice.

When i think maturity, I think: B
(A) Age (B) How you act (C) Is your voice deep (D) Physical Attributes

Roleplay to me is: A
(A) A Serious Game mode (B) Some shit i play to f*** around on

If i saw someone horrid at RP I as a admin would: B
(A) Talk to them, Tell them to stop being bad (B) Teach them RP (C) Forceapp them (D) Kick them everytime they mess up

What does CPR stand for (Used commonly by cops, But admins must also have it): B
(A) Cant Phucking Run (B) Courtesy Professionalism Respect (C) Crap Pretend Run! (D) Captain Planet Rescues.


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