Ricu's Admin application.

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Ricu's Admin application.

Post  Ricu on Sun Sep 25, 2011 1:27 pm

Name In Game(Account/Main Character):Emma Black
IRL Name:Richard Eschbaum
IRL Age:14
Country of Residence:Estonia
Main language:Estonian
Other languages spoken:English,Estonian, Little bit of german.
Time spent on Paradox:Since the server came up, Time spent on game 42 hours.
How many bans/jails/warns have you had?:Zero
Now onto the Long Answer Questions, please answer in 100 words or more each.

What do you think a admin does on here?:A nice admin would awnser to reports, help new people.
Good admin never abuses, gives himself money, bans noreason, and sets health and stuff.
Good admin should jail, abusers buggers, and hackers.

Whats your idea of "Good" and "Bad" roleplay? How do you react to players with bad roleplay?
I think good roleplay is when its detailed, like every move you make not just /me takes gun out. It has to be more detailed like slowly or fast where do you pull it from and stuff.
When i see a player with bad roleplay, i try to help him/her and make him/her better at roleplaying.

Other Questions:

Tell us 3 rules in your own words, explain them, And what you'd do if you saw a player breaking them
Metagaming: Metagaming is when you ask icc stuff in occ chat or pms.Like if you dont know someone names you cant use the nametag its occ, you cant ask a player hes location with pm, thats metagaming.

Deathmatching: Deathmatching is if you kill a person with no Roleplay reason to do it.
I'd tell him thats a roleplay server you cant dm here, and if he doesnt stop, i'd jail him, and still doesnt stop ban.

Powergaming: Powergaming is basically making others to roleplay your way, like hits Marcus in the face cuffs him, throws him on the ground. You have to attempt and try, and give others a chance.
You have to use /do Succsess? all the times.

What do you think you can bring our staff team?
I can, take care of hackers, powergamers metagamers, i have been admin before, in radical roleplay server, so i know the commands and rules very well.

Why do you want to be an admin here?
Because i'm great at being admin, and i have seen lot of buggers, with delivery truck and metagamers.

If you saw a player Non-RP Driving, how would you solve this?
I'd say its roleplay you dont drive like that in real life, that would be like a warning, but if got him doing it again i'd jail.

FINAL PART (I promise)
Multiple choice.

When i think maturity, I think:B
(A) Age (B) How you act (C) Is your voice deep (D) Physical Attributes

Roleplay to me is:A
(A) A Serious Game mode (B) Some shit i play to f*** around on

If i saw someone horrid at RP I as a admin would:B
(A) Talk to them, Tell them to stop being bad (B) Teach them RP (C) Forceapp them (D) Kick them everytime they mess up

What does CPR stand for (Used commonly by cops, But admins must also have it):B
(A) Cant Phucking Run (B) Courtesy Professionalism Respect (C) Crap Pretend Run! (D) Captain Planet Rescues


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