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Admin App-Sam Andreson

Post  adeesh123 on Sat Sep 17, 2011 4:56 am

Name In Game(Account/Main Character):Sam Andreson
IRL Name:Adeesh
IRL Age:17
Country of Residence:India
Main language:,Hindi
Other languages spoken:English
Time spent on Paradox:2 hours
How many bans/jails/warns have you had?:No
Now onto the Long Answer Questions, please answer in 100 words or more each.

What do you think a admin does on here?:
well an admin tries to solve the problems of the players and keep them satisfied,and they also see that no one cheats or hacks in game and follows the server rules and regulations and help the new players to Roleplay.and help the players in all the ways they can

Whats your idea of "Good" and "Bad" roleplay? How do you react to players with bad roleplay?
well Good roleplay is like a player is rping well and Bad Roleplay is that the player needs to improve his roleplay. well i would first teach them how to roelpaly and then procced with the further actions if they repeat the same thing

Other Questions:

Tell us 3 rules in your own words, explain them, And what you'd do if you saw a player breaking them
Deathmatching:Killing a player without a valid roleplay reason like if a player sees another player standing alone he goes and kills him Metagaming:using ooc information in IC like a player sees another players name tag on his head which is ooc and calls him in ic powergaming:forcing your RP on others for example
Joe:Hi man
Joe:come lets go for a ride
Sam:no you go on i have some work
Joe:/me pulls him in and ties him to the seat and drives away

What do you think you can bring our staff team?
well i will bring a good name and be friendly with everyone

Why do you want to be an admin here?
Because i want to make this server better from all the other servers and keep the players satisfied

If you saw a player Non-RP Driving, how would you solve this?
well first i will warn him not to do that if he repeats it again i will jail him

FINAL PART (I promise)
Multiple choice.

When i think maturity, I think:
(A) Age (B) How you act (C) Is your voice deep (D) Physical Attributes
Roleplay to me is:
(A) A Serious Game mode (B) Some shit i play to f*** around on
If i saw someone horrid at RP I as a admin would:
(A) Talk to them, Tell them to stop being bad (B) Teach them RP (C) Forceapp them (D) Kick them everytime they mess up
What does CPR stand for (Used commonly by cops, But admins must also have it):
(A) Cant Phucking Run (B) Courtesy Professionalism Respect (C) Crap Pretend Run! (D) Captain Planet Rescues.
well Thnaks for reading!!!!!


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