Alex Petre-Paradox Admin Application

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Alex Petre-Paradox Admin Application

Post  Petre Robert on Fri Oct 07, 2011 2:55 am

Name In Game(Account/Main Character):Petre_Robert
IRL Name:Petre Alex Petre
IRL Age:20
Country of Residence:Romania,Bucharest
Main language:Romanian
Other languages spoken:English,French
Time spent on Paradox:5 Moths(Hours played on total charachters:264)
How many bans/jails/warns have you had?:On this charachter 0

Long questions anwser in 100 words:

1)What do you think a admin does on here?:
-An admin is a member of server staff and he has many responsabilites, always respect players and others admins and help players, a admin do the next things:
-Teach players Role-Play(In case they dont know.)
-Respond to reports
-Help players and staff with all of they support.
-Punish cheaters/hackers/buggers or any player take advantage on others.
-Help others admins to deal with situations(Reports).
-Respawn and refuell vehicles regulary(Not if they remain out of fuel how most of admins do).

2)Whats your idea of "Good" and "Bad" roleplay? How do you react to players with bad roleplay?
*Good Role-Play-Player make Role-Play all times,Role-Play verry good,respect Role-Play and do a good impresion in front of admins.A Good Role-Play is a cality of a Good Role-Player(A player who know Role-Play) and Good Role-Players are verry favorized on Role-Play servers(Logic).
*Bad Role-Play-Player dont make Role-Play, dont understand Role-Play and do all Non Role-Play thing(MG,BH,PG,DM,RK...) and also they try to do a good Role-Play in front of admins but they will always fail(Because to become a Good Role-Player you must make Role-Play all times).This players are called Non Role-Players and a server like Paradox is no a place for them.For this reason MTA created another mods for Non Role-Players like(DeadMatching,Racing,Gang Wars,Base Jump...).

3)What are you qualifications for this post ?
I have a lot of qualifications for this post(Rank) and i want to mention i was admin on others server, the qualification are:
-I do Role-Play most of time;
-Im verry active on forum and server;
-I respect all players;
-I know Role-Play;
-Im friend with a lot of players.
This are my qualifications and i tink in enough to become an good admin an help Paradox players.

Other Questions:

Tell us 3 rules in your own words, explain them, And what you'd do if you saw a player breaking them:
1)Role-Play all times, Non Role-Play wont be tollerated-If a player break this rule i will eventualy jail him and depends on his chase i will warn him if he get to much warnigs i will ban him.
2)Is restricted to do thing Non Role-Play-If a player do Non Role-Play(DM,RK,BH,MG,PG...) i will eventualy jail him depends on his Non Role-Play action.
3)Respect players and you will be respected-Breaking this rule will get a long jail time if a player used stupid words...

What do you think you can bring our staff team?
-Profesionalism(Im online 10 hours on day and in week-end 15)
-Forum Support(I study HTTP and PHP)
-Desing(I know to use photoshop)
-Extra Support(Teach players Role-Play, in chase they dont know)

Why do you want to be an admin here?
I want to be an admin on Paradox to help peoople and i want to help Paradox to become more professional in 2 domains:
Most of my friends are admins and i want to show all of them i can be like them and help peoople and teach Role-Play.Also i want to join to help staff and resolve all reports.

If you saw a player Non-RP Driving, how would you solve this?
First i freeze him and ask him why he drive Non Role-Play, if give a Non Role-Play reason(Invalid) i will take his license and get him to DMV where he can take the test again, if he give a Good Role-Play reason i will let him to continue with a little „Warning”(I dont mean i /warn).

Multiple choice.

When i think maturity, I think:
(A) Age (B) How you act (C) Is your voice deep (D) Physical Attributes
Roleplay to me is:
(A) A Serious Game mode (B) Some shit i play to f*** around on
If i saw someone horrid at RP I as a admin would:
(A) Talk to them, Tell them to stop being bad (B) Teach them RP (C) Forceapp them (D) Kick them everytime they mess up
What does CPR stand for (Used commonly by cops, But admins must also have it):
(A) Cant Phucking Run (B) Courtesy Professionalism Respect (C) Crap Pretend Run! (D) Captain Planet Rescues
Petre Robert
Petre Robert

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