Ballas OG Family

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Ballas OG Family

Post  Petre Robert on Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:10 am

Ballas OG Family is the most respected gang in Los Santos.The gang was created by „Kane” and now leaded by Robert Victor to kick all „goodass”.We are around in all Los Santos.We hanging around at Grove Street,Idlewood,Gas Station...Our jobs are money laundering,illegal gambling,murder for hire,fraud and wire fraud.We like to tag our turf and annoy police officers.Most of time we rob civilians or kill punks who hagin in our turf.We still stay and observe the Los Santos status and keep it clean from punks.

Ranks and Ocupation

Boss is the leader of famlily if he want something he get it, he is the most respected member of family and rulz Los Santos and keep it clean from punks.

Right Hand

Right Hand help Boss to resolve situations and keep members morale to be profesional in gang needs, also Right Hand can decide fate of a member.

I tink all know what a scout to he watch the Los Santos and give raport to Boss or Right Hand and they will take action if is needed,Scout should be friendly.

Gangsta is boss soldier, if boss say kill him he will kill him Gangsta also keep our turfs from punks and tag the walls to be knowed Ballas Rulz.

Home Boy
Home Boy is a full member of the gang and his job is to keep safe in turfs and give some „Taxes” to punks who hanging around on our turfs.

Player is the newest member of gang he job is to steal and rob and give to boss 20% income from his crimes if the crimes are good he is on good way.

About Ballas OG Family:
Ballas OG was originaly founded by a member „Kane” who rulled Los Santos in 1980 until Grove Street has appear in 1993.Kane died to protect ballas turfs from Grove Street Drive-by and his Right-Hand Robert killed the last Grove Street membres and he become leader of Ballas.He tinked Ballas need something more and he called Ballas OG.Now they want to rule Los Santos again and become most powerful gang how they was once.

Announces from Boss:
-We are looking for membres to join, if you want to join you must RP with us.

-If you exit the gang without Boss permision you can be ck-ed without your permision.
-Respect server rules and do RP all times.
-Be friendly with all membres.
-Hanngin around at Gang Bussines.

Robert Victor-Rank 6:Boss

Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums.)

-Jefferson Crime Family
-LSPD(Los Santos Police Departament)

-South Central Bloodz
-Homies from Grove Streets
-SAN(San Andreas News)
-LSES(Los Santos Emergency Service)
-LSTR(Los Santos Towing & Recovery)
-LSFS(Los Santos Flight School)

-We dont have friends now, since i maked gang today and i dont know the factions behaviours.

OOC Informations:

A)Official Skins:

B)How to join:
-If you want to join in our gang first need to fiind a member of gang and rp with him until become at status of friends, after that you are in and start your criminal carrer.
C)How to fiind us:
-Well i dont want to MetaGame but you can found us on some of our turfs like Grove Street or Idlewood.
D)Freqvent Questions:
1)Why i write with violet ?
-Violet represent Gang color.
2)Why do you start that gang ?
-I want to have a gang and do some extra RP.
3)Do you tink the gang will work ?
-Well i dont know i want to work but what it.
-Any other questions post in topic and i will anwser.

Gang Name: The Ballas
Gang Turf: Idlewood, Jefferson, Willowfield, Temple, Santa Marina Beach
Gang HQ: Jefferson Motel
Gang Leader: Robert Victor
(Idlewood) Front Yard Ballas-
(Willowfield) Kilo Tray Ballas-
(Jefferson) Rolling Heights Ballas-
(Temple) Temple Drive Ballas-
(Santa Marina Beach) Baby Ballas-
Gang Colors: Purple
Gang Race: African-AmericanGang Weapons: Tec-9's, AK-47's, 9mm Pistols, Mac 10's, Baseball Bats, Rocket Launchers, Colt .45 Pistols, Hand Grenades
Gang Activities: Vandalism, Gambling, Extortion, Robbery, Murder, Bribery, Drug Distribution, Smuggling
Gang Attire:Purple Bandanas, Purple Hats, Black Shades, Black Jeans, Dark Blue Jeans, White Sneakers, Purple Sneakers, Black Long Sleeve Shirts, Purple
Gang Description: Very Dangerous, Heavily involved in drug distribution, Ruthless, It wouldn't be smart to double-cross them
Gang Phrases: "What's Crackin?"

If you want to join now post you IC name and phone number.

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Re: Ballas OG Family

Post  iToxicz on Thu Sep 29, 2011 9:52 am

Nice thread but you gonna be fffffed when deshawn finds out ;D



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