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Robert Victor

Post  Petre Robert on Wed Sep 28, 2011 6:34 am

Robert Victor a simple man who came in Los Stantos to help his cousin.At date of 27.09.2011 Robert was called by his cousin Petre and telled him about war between South Central Bloodz and Jeferson Crime.Next day Robert has entered in Los Santos.He looked for his cousin but no clues where he gotted.Robert buyed a car and go to a „Turf” Grove Street.He meet 2 mans who hanging around.They become friends, after they leave Robert buyed a gheetoblaster and hanging around on Grove Street, when two ambulances come to Grove Street Robert and a friend of his Ryan wanted to drive off fuckers.A medic approapch and get out a gun.Robert dodged and killed medic, his friend Ryan was hurted.Robert putted Ryan at Grove Street where his friends come and help Ryan.After help Ryan they searched for fuckin medics.They crashed first ambulance.One escaped with helicopter.Ryan was leaved the little ”organization„ so Robert was fresh.Before they go back to Grove Street a man come to them and say Fight me.At first they laugh but after that they beated up the Man but he was escape.After they found him Robert friend say „Beat him”, Robert following orders has get his baseball bat and beat the man until he died.After that they hanging back to Grove Street and Robert still asking ? I will be a gangster ?On 29.09.2011 Robert starded his major crimes with his friends using guns and mured some people.Robert stoled a lot of cellphones,weapons,furnitures everthing who get in his hands.
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