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LSPD Application

Post  Mack Morello on Mon Sep 26, 2011 4:29 pm

Surname: Morello
Given Names:Mack
Nationality: American
Date of Birth: 11/16/1991
Current Home Address (App #, St #, St Name, City):7 providence street Los santos
Phone Number: 18437
E-Mail Address: null
Place of Birth: vice city
Current Citizenship:citizen
Have You Previously Submitted an LSPD Application: no

Why do you want to be a police officer: because i want to help make los santos a great place to live and i want to help the people of Los Santos i love this city and want to make the citizens here feel safe

Do you possess any knowledge about the PD: [ ] Yes [ ] No yes
If yes, what do you know?: i know some radio terms

Name three of your best skills which can be used inside the L.S.P.D: Im a good driver and i am a very hard worker and will work real hard for the LSPD and i know the laws of Los Santos very well

Why should we pick you as an academy student: Because there is noone in the department that will work as hard as i will on the force i will be a great police officer and help all the citizens of Los Santos

Other information

Do you own a valid driving license: [ X]Yes [ ]No
Do you own a valid weapon license: [ ]Yes [ X] No
Are you able to handle a weapon: [X ]Yes [ ]No
Are you aware of the possible dangers the job has: [X ]Yes [ ]No
Explain the word ''Teamwork'':Teamwork is when you and the rest of the people you work with helps each other out and yall make up team!

Explain the word ''Communication":communication where you impart of interchange your thoughts, opinions, or fellings to others in different ways such as speaking or any way of contact and interaction

Explain the word ''Police'':An officer of the law that helps to protect the public!

Current Level of Education: 12 grade

Have you ever been convicted of a Criminal Offense that has not been Pardoned: Yes [ ] No [ X]
if Yes list the charges and the city where charged below:

Signature: Mack Morello

Questions marked with a * are optional.
Name*: Jeff Richardson
Average ping in the server:28
Rate your English skill [1-10]:10
Are you willing to speak amongst the other officers via central:definatley
Do you have a working microphone and are you willing to use it:yes
You must have a copy of Skype if you do: [X ]Yes [ ]No
What is your timezone? Central standerd time

RolePlay information

Previous character names:Jeff Morello
Previous factions on this server: LSTR
How long have you been role-playing: 5 years
Rate your RP skills [1-10]:9
Explain the word ''Metagame''Is when you bring ooc info ic

Explain the word ''Non-RP'' iswhen you do not rp just drive around treating the server!

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