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1. You can only tow incorrectly parked vehicles, towing correctly parked vehicles = removal from LSTR.
2. Wait for a member of LSTR to contact you, not the other way round

Code: [Please explain this do not know]
[[In Character Information
•First Name:Eric
•Last Name:Self
Contact Number:18485
•Date of birth1/12/74
•Why should we hire you?:because i can help alot and am a very determined and deicated person and will put all my dedication into that job ad all my friends are in it
•Are you licensed to drive heavy machinery?:im not sure
•What personal skills do you possess?:im a great driver, i do jobs well, [OOC] - im on server alot
•Have you committed any crimes?: 0 crimes
•Do you understand that corruption in this faction is not allowed?:i understand that corruption is very bad
Do you understand that if, you are found guilty of not obeyingfaction or server rules, you may be kicked from the faction,or jailed/warned/kicked/banned from the server?:yes
Ever got jailed/warned/banned? If yes, for what reason?:ive been jailed once by accident by jack step but other than that no
Do you understand and agree that your Administration record may be researched?:yes i understand


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