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LSPD Application - es1995

Post  es1995 on Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:58 pm

Surname: Self
Given Names: Eric
Gender: male
Nationality: White
Date of Birth: 5/5/85
Current Home 7 San Andreas BLVD.
Phone Number: 18485
E-Mail Address: null
Place of Birth: London England
Age: 35
Current Citizenship:
Have You Previously Submitted an LSPD Application: no

Application information

Why do you want to be a police officer:

Do you possess any knowledge about the PD: [X ] Yes [ ] No
If yes, what do you know?:
i know that the PD protects and serves the people and the city

Name three of your best skills which can be used inside the L.S.P.D: Great Driver, Hard Worker, Know the law

Why should we pick you as an academy student: you should pick me as an academy student because i am determined to protect and serve the comunity and to help out as much as i can and i am a very determined person and will put all determiation and all power into doing the job right

Other information

Do you own a valid driving license: [ X]Yes [ ]No
Do you own a valid weapon license: [ ]Yes [ X] No
Are you able to handle a weapon: [X ]Yes [ ]No
Are you aware of the possible dangers the job has: [X ]Yes [ ]No
Explain the word ''Teamwork'':Teamwork is where you work with your allies to get the job done other than taking it by yourself and not envovling allies

Explain the word ''Communication":communication is simply interacting with others wheter its talking or typing etc.

Explain the word ''Police'':The Police are the people who protect and serve the people and enforce the laws of the land

Current Level of Education: [LOL not sure how to answer this one] Smart i guess

Have you ever been convicted of a Criminal Offense that has not been Pardoned: Yes [ ] No [ X]
if Yes list the charges and the city where charged below:

Signature: [Eric Self ]

OOC information

Questions marked with a * are optional.
Name*:eric self
Average ping in the server:28
Rate your English skill [1-10]:10
Are you willing to speak amongst the other officers via central:definatley
Do you have a working microphone and are you willing to use it:yes
You must have a copy of Skype if you do: [X ]Yes [ ]No es19951 is my skype
What is your timezone? GMT : -8:00 GMT pacific

RolePlay information

Previous character names: Jon Rolling
Previous factions on this server: Police officer SA:MP server
How long have you been role-playing: 5 years
Rate your RP skills [1-10]:8
Explain the word ''Metagame'':well metagame is where you do OOC (out of character) actions IC (in character)

Explain the word ''Non-RP'': NON-RP is where you do not roleplay you treat the server as a freeroam and do what you want and be unrealistic instead of treating it like reality and real life


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