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Do Not Metagame.

Metagaming is using out of character(OOC) information in character(IC). Inciting (Informing someone OOCly of something IC) someone to metagame is also against the rules.

Jack_Johnson reading Sam_Samson's nametag and roleplaying that he now knows him. This is the most basic form of metagaming.
Jack_Johnson has been told OOCly that Sam_Samson is outside and now using that information to influence his in character actions and or decisions.
Rob_Tamson PM's John_Johnson that Sam_Samson is outside is an example of inciting someone to metagame.

Do Not Powergame.

Powergaming can be known as one of two things- both equally as bad and both basically meaning the same thing. The first is performing acts that just aren't humanly possible. The other is forcing roleplay on to someone else not giving them a proper chance in the roleplay.:
John_Johnson picks up the garbage truck and tosses it over the hedge.
John_Johnson kicks Sam_Samson on the chin causing Sam to have a seizure.

Roleplay at all times.

Usually there's always a difference of opinion sparking during the roleplay and at moments you feel that it should end. Slowing down and or stopping the pace of the roleplay can sometimes make the situation quite worse. The attitudes there can grow more resentful, people could pull up and or pull off during it, just about anything.

Take screenshots if you feel the following roleplay is not up to standards so that you can report it in Report Player. Be sure to inform the other party that you will be posting one so they can post their side of the story during it.
Use /re and or /report if you feel an administrator should step in during the roleplay.
You're allowed to stop the roleplay if the other side is making you sexually uncomfortable. Take screenshots and or use /re and or report during the scene for an administrator to step in.
Do not roleplay in OOC areas:

. Do not use third party modifications.

The rule on this is quite strict. Usually third party modifications gives a person an advantage over the other which isn't good at all.

. Do not deathmatch.

Deathmatch(DM) is when you kill another person without a sufficient roleplay reason to do so.

No revenge-killing.

Revenge killing is as the name defines it as. It is when you kill a person who had just got done killing you. Killing or even attempting to kill the person is labeled as revenge killing. Your memory is wiped of everything that lead up to your death when murdered.

Do not heal during fights.

Healing during fights (Gun fights and fist fights) is not fair towards the other party fighting with you.

o If you are clearly away from the other person attacking you then you are allowed to heal.
. Do not bunnyhop.

Jumping to get somewhere faster is against the rules. Although you may find this form of transportation to be convenient and quick it is abuse of San Andreas physics.

Do not ninja jack.

Do not jack cars with a driver inside without any role-play. By that it's meant, that you shouldn't just go up to a car that has stopped for whatever reason, press "f", pull the driver out and drive off.

o If you are in the heat of a chase with the person you are allowed to jack the person out of the car. It is impossible to type out a /me in the middle of a chase.

Do not steal government vehicles without an RP reason.

Stealing government vehicles (PD vehicles, ambulances, SAN vans etcetera) isn't allowed unless you've got a proper role-play reason. It's suggested to ask an administrator on duty if your reasons are valid before you steal one of these.
Stealing a police car to go fishing.
Stealing a fire truck to go clean the city.
Stealing a police car to get away from the police.

Roleplay reasons can differ / vary due to the situation. Reason's that seem non-rp at one moment can be fully expected the next- all depending on the scenario. That's why it's highly suggested you always ask an admin and or tester before doing so.

Do not use acronyms ICly.

Do not use acronyms or abbreviations such as OMG, LOL, u, ur, w8, lmao and/or smilies In-Character.
Second Box

You are allowed to use acronyms and abbreviations in SMSes

English only.

This server is an English speaking server only when it comes to in character actions.

You may use another language in /pm ONLY.

No abusive language OOCly.

It is fine and dandy to be rude and such ICly but OOCly it is not approved. If you have an issue with someone you handle it without resorting to childish attacks.

. Do not spam the chat.

This is both an OOC and IC rule. The chat screen is shared by everyone around you or whoever you are messaging. Not everyone wants to deal with your spam. This includes commands as well.

Second Box

No fully capitalized sentences in OOC-chats (/b, /pm, /o).

Do not talk in OOC chats with fully capitalized sententences, because it is not needed. Everybody can see you talking and if you want to say something important wait untill the other person is done and then talk. You don't have to talk over other people.

You are allowed to ignore OOC-chats during role-play situations unless an admin is talking to you.

If you're in the middle of a roleplay situation and another player is using any of the OOC chats in an attempt to disrupt roleplay or simply contact you, you may ignore it. However if an administrator is trying to speak with you in any of the OOC chats for any admin related issue, you are obliged to respond to them. Refusing to listen to or ignoring an admin when they're trying to contact you can result in the following punishments.

Do not driver-side driveby.

You are not allowed to driver-side driveby because of the unfair advantage it gives to the attacker. This is also classed as a minor form of bug abusing due to the increased fire rate and can be considered bannable if used in an event such as a gang war.

Do not PM admins In-Game with suggestions.

You are not allowed to PM admins In-Game with suggestions. Use the suggestions forum that was purposefully created to deal with suggestions from players.

Do not PM admins In-Game with unban requests.

You are not allowed to PM admins In-Game in regards to ban appeals. The Wrongly Banned forum was created specifically to handle unban requests and so should be used for that purpose.

Do not abuse or spam the /report functions.

Administrators receive many In-Game reports every hour, by spamming these commands you only make their work harder. You should send in one report calmly and if not handled a few minutes later, send one more in again.

No OOC-scamming/robbing. IC-scamming/robbing is allowed,

Out of Character scamming or robbing is not allowed. This is very serious offense, because this is done out of character which means you got the money in a NON-RP way. You can scam or rob people in character,

No vehicles inside the mall.

Do not park your vehicles in the middle of the mall unless you have got really good RP reason to do so. You can park your bikes (BMX or motorcycle) inside the mall but not normal cars. There is a special parking lot of the cars if you want to park them near the mall.

Provoking cops to a chase without a proper IC reason is not allowed (non-RP).

If you are bored you may want to get into a chase with the Police or Sheriffs, but it is NOT allowed. You need a really good reason to start a chase with the Police. If you are provoking Police without a reason you will get admin jailed for NON-RP.

Commenting on kicks/bans/jails in any chat to any player is not allowed.

Sometimes you can see people laughing when they see somebody getting punished by an admin, but this is not allowed. You should keep your opinion about this for yourself, don't brag about it or comment it under any circumstances.

You need LEAD ADMIN permission to burn/destroy a property.

This rule was created to prevent people destroying every house/business on the server. If you are thinking about doing such thing you have to PM a LEAD ADMIN with a very good reason why you want to do this, if he/she agrees you can do it, but if they don't and you still do it you will be admin jailed for powergaming.

You're not allowed to give or share your registered accounts to other people.

You are NOT allowed to share or give out registered accounts to your friends or other people. If that person wants to play he/she must register their own account throught the UCP without any help. This is very serious offensive which may get you banned permanently and it is even more serious when you are trying to sell your account for real money.

Do not PM admins regarding admining, specially not admins on adminduty.

If you have got a problem with something all you got to do is to make /report and as soon as an admin finds some free time to speak to you about it he or she will do it, because it is their duty. Do NOT PM them under any circumstances, you are not special and every player on this server is equal.

No advertising of illegal items.

The advertisement system in-game is made for people to sell and or spread word on their items, property, and or events. Illegal advertisements are no longer sly, creative, nor sneaky. They're all well known illegal advertisements so they wouldn't be passed through the system ICly.

[Advertisement] I'm selling three hundred bald eagles.
[Advertisement] Looking to buy a AKarate 47 year old master. With 200 wrinkles.
[Advertisement] It's really cold outside and I'm selling heaters!
[Company Advertisement] Beef Packing Incorporated - Selling 100 pieces of beef!

Questioning goals of a RP in /b.

This has been quite irritating for a long time and it has been decided that there should be a rule put in place about people who do this. It is obvious people don't want to be cheated out of their actions ingame but when it goes to an extent of you questioning the other party in /b before continuing roleplay then that is out of line.

Radio is IC only.

You are not allowed to speak OOCly on a radio since it is not the purpose of it. It is unable to be moderated and defeats the purpose of /f

Illegal Names.

- No celebrity ( a person who is easily recognized in a society or culture ) names
- No unrealistic names
- If the name isn't american, then choose something that makes sense, not the most remote name from something the rest of the english players would understand.
- No gag names (such as: Mike_Hunt, Ben_Dover, Mike_Rouch, Eileen_Dover, Willie_Facker, Al Coholic etc.)

ALWAYS have a generic for a item your RPing with, If you plan on rply using a knife, /report for a admin to give you the generic. Otherwise you cannot RP with it and it is also considered a form of PG


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