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Chad Pirlo - LSPD App

Post  Remmy on Fri Sep 23, 2011 12:27 pm

IC Information

Given Names:Chad
Date of Birth:19/05/1989
Current Home Address (App #, St #, St Name, City): None
Phone Number:-
Place of Birth:Italia
Current Citizenship:Los Santos
Have You Previously Submitted an LSPD Application:NO

Application information

Why do you want to be a police officer:Because it's my family tradition and i want to continue it, also every day i see maffia, gang beating up and murdering someone, i would like to help police to deal with it.

Do you possess any knowledge about the PD: [ x ] Yes [ ] No
If yes, what do you know?:I was in SFPD.
All codes,Andandments, all what can be used in LSPD.

Name three of your best skills which can be used inside the L.S.P.D:

Why should we pick you as an academy student:Because i'm already trained, and you don't have Transfer company, so i applied as a student.

Other information

Do you own a valid driving license: [ x ]Yes [ ]No
Do you own a valid weapon license: [ ]Yes [ x ] No
Are you able to handle a weapon: [ x ]Yes [ ]No
Are you aware of the possible dangers the job has: [ x ]Yes [ ]No
Explain the word ''Teamwork'':Teamwork is a big factor in all government businesses, Teamwork is being able to work with others at the same time, This means working together to get things done faster, Such as working as a team to corner an evading vehicle, closing down roads, and much more.

Explain the word ''Communication":Communication is another big factor, It involves two forms of communication, hand signals, in situations where you must not give away your position, and radio, where you will help others to locate criminals, state your business and much more.

Explain the word ''Police'':Police are a group of people responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order, whether it be helping out citizens, catching criminals, or helping the government, this is an essential part of any community.

Current Level of Education:6 months of Academy and 4 years of beeing Sergeant.

Have you ever been convicted of a Criminal Offense that has not been Pardoned: Yes [ ] No [ x ]
if Yes list the charges and the city where charged below:

Signature: [ Chad Pirlo ]

OOC information

Average ping in the server:60
Rate your English skill [1-10]:8
Are you willing to speak amongst the other officers via central:Yeh
Do you have a working microphone and are you willing to use it:Ye
You must have a copy of Skype if you do: [ x ]Yes [ ]No ramil19953
What is your timezone? GMT : +2

RolePlay information

Previous character names:None
Previous factions on this server:None
How long have you been role-playing:8 months
Rate your RP skills [1-10]:9
Explain the word ''Metagame'':Using OOC knowledge in IC situation.

Explain the word ''Non-RP'':Avoiding to RP situations which must be RPed like crashing in tree, irl you wouldn't just crash and then overpass it like nothing happened.


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