CK Clause and how to Apply for one

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CK Clause and how to Apply for one

Post  iToxicz on Thu Sep 08, 2011 8:24 pm

Right, Lemme try to keep it short and simple
For CK clause,
If you commit murder and cops are chasing you, If you're shot dead.. basically a ck, there is no life in jail CK, so you can RP it out, incase you ever want to rp a break out, (Remember though the phonelines for your 1 call are tapped)
If you kill a enemy gang member which in forevision could spark a gang war, it may be deemed a CK, and the starts of a CK war between factions, During so cked faction members CAN rejoin, but CANNOT in any way shape or form participate,
If a Criminal/Person kills a cop for a legit reason, not just simple evasion, it may be deemed a CK
If a cop kills a criminal for a legit reason, e.g. drug bust, Criminal commited murder, it can be deemed a ck if it was rp'ed correctly.
Player to player:
If a player scams you for over 50k you can apply for a ck app which will get almost instantly accepted,
Blood in blood out: If a gang member attempts to leave a faction rply and the leader catches on , and kills him, it may be deemed a ck via the blood in blood out rule, give blood to get in , give blood to get out.

how to apply for a ck:

Here is proper format, PM it to a lead + and he will post it in admin section for review, once 3 lead+ yay or nay it , it will be put into action

Your name:
Character you wish to ck's name:
Date/time they committed reasonL
Proof, Logs/SS:
How you plan to execute it:
Do you understand if roleplayed poorly the ck app may be terminated and you punished?:


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