Application Revoked

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Application Revoked

Post  Noble002 on Thu Sep 22, 2011 4:13 pm

IC Information

Surname: Jax ((Silus_Jax))
Given Names: Silus
Gender: Male
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: 02/09/85
Current Home Address: Idlewood Appartments, Appartment 8, Los Santos
Phone Number: 18440
E-Mail Address: S.Jax(at)
Place of Birth: United States
Age: 31
Current Citizenship: United States
Have You Previously Submitted an LSPD Application: No

Application information

Why do you want to be a police officer: To uphold the laws of our great country (and city), by assisting in keeping the peace and protecting the citizens of Los Santos.

Do you possess any knowledge about the PD: [ ] Yes [X] No
If yes, what do you know?:

Name three of your best skills which can be used inside the L.S.P.D:
1. Good sense of integrity and justice.
2. Hard worker.
3. Good driver.

Why should we pick you as an academy student:
Along with being a hard worker, I am already in a good, physically fit condition, with no prior arrests or violations to the law. If I were chosen to join the academy, I would swear to continue through training until I was able to complete it.

Other information

Do you own a valid driving license: [X]Yes [ ]No
Do you own a valid weapon license: [ ]Yes [X] No
Are you aware of the possible dangers the job has: [X]Yes [ ]No
Explain the word ''Teamwork'': A necessity to any team, it's the ability to work together with your fellow officers and work together to solve problems.

Explain the word ''Communication": A necessity to Teamwork, among other things, this is the ability to collaborate effectively with your fellow officers for a coordinated effort. Additionally, it would also be a necessity to interaction with civilians. The better communication skill utilized, the higher a chance of defusing a potentially violent situation without said violence.

Explain the word ''Police'': Keepers of the peace, protectors of those who can not protect themselves. Police uphold the standards and laws of our great city, state, and country on a domestic level, and are a vital piece of our government's infrastructure.

Current Level of Education:

Have you ever been convicted of a Criminal Offense that has not been Pardoned: Yes [ ] No [X]

Signature: [X]

OOC information

Questions marked with a * are optional.
Age: 21
Nationality*: United States
Gender*: Male
Average ping in the server: ~100
Rate your English skill [1-10]: 10
Are you willing to speak amongst the other officers via central: Yes
Do you have a working microphone and are you willing to use it: Yes/Yes
You must have a copy of Skype if you do: [X]Yes [ ]No [Alpha-087]
What is your timezone? GMT : US Eastern Standard Time (EST)

RolePlay information

Previous character names: -N/A-
Previous factions on this server: -N/A-
How long have you been role-playing: ~6 years (Though I'm new to RP on MTA)
Rate your RP skills [1-10]: 8.6
Explain the word ''Metagame'': The use of OOC information IC, aka a character using knowledge that they don't/shouldn't know based on the user's knowledge.

Explain the word ''Non-RP'': Non-Role Play, a player who is not a Roleplayer, generally.


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Application Revoked

Post  Noble002 on Mon Sep 26, 2011 4:55 pm

Cool server, but it seems MTA isn't really my cup of tea when it comes to RP.

Good luck to you all. Smile


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