The Carruso Crime Family

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The Carruso Crime Family

Post  limelemon on Sat Sep 17, 2011 8:27 am

The Carruso Crime Family


It was 1987 When Joey moved to New York with his family of 3, his mother Linetta, his dad Biagio and his little sister Adelina, they moved to Manhattan where Joey started in school, Joey had good grades, paid attention in class and graduated with an A+ In all of his exams.

The year was 1996 When he graduated from school, while he was getting his Exam Proof, his parents and sister was at home, they did not really like Joey as he didn't grow up to be who his dad wanted him to be.
Joey was done in school, so he began to walk home, he was walking down through the city as he saw a firetruck speeding through the streets, he glanced after it noticing smoke from the area he lived in, he dropped what he had in his hands bursting into a sprint trying to follow the firetruck.
When he arrove at the small slum hood he lived in he saw huge flames comming up from where he was living with his family, he quickly moved both his hands up grabbing his head, watching the flames, he then began sprinting towards the house, as he got closere to it two big men walked out infront of him stopping him, a black Admiral slowly came driving along the road, the back left door, got opened up and Joey could hear a voice saying "Come in Joey."

Joey refused as he was afraid, inside he knew that his parents died in the fire, so after a few minutes he decided to enter the Admiral, it was tinted so you couldn't see who were sitting inside it, Joey got in taking place beside an elder gentleman who looked at him, he was smiling like nothing was happending.

The man extended his right hand offering Joey a handshake, Joey just looked at the hand then glancing up at the elder man.

He slowly opened his mouth, and the words "The fuck ya' want Pal'" came out, Joey was actually quite supprised by the words he said, it was something his dad usually said when someone was bothering him.

The man just began laughing a bit as he raises his right eyebrow. "My name is Frank Montrerallo, I've had my eye on you for quite some time Joey."
Joey was confused.. The black admiral began driving and Joey glanced out the window, he were looking at the house that were burning, thinking about his parents.

The year turned 2003 and Joey had become an great member of Montrerallo's family, Joey was his right hand, His "Consigliere" -Joey wasn't in need of money, he had a great house, a great wife, even a shitload of cash. -He was living the "Sweet life"

The year slowly wents on, Joey grow older and became even more rich, as it went September the 16th, 2011 Joey was told to move to Los Santos, he were supposed to start his own "Set" or "Family" there, Frank had heard that some big shit has been going down in Los Santos, Joey's job was to get everything back in order...


The Capo

The Capo is also known as "The Don" -He is the top boss of the family, he decides everything, if someone should die, if someone should live, The Capo is a mafia guy who's been in the mafia for quite some years, and who knows what he really is talking about.

Capo Bastone (The right hand)

A Capo Bastone is also known as The Capo's right hand takes care of allmost everything, whenever the Capo got an order it goes through the Capo Bastone. Associates and other low ranked members does not speak to the Capo directly, their words goes from mouth to mouth up through the ranks.


The Consigliere is a high-respected family member, everything from lower ranks or high ranks, goes throughout him, he takes care of most of the family's business/Advices.


The Caporegime's job is to make sure everything goes all smoth, he got the control of the soldato's -He gives the orders that comes from up high in the hierachy on to the Soldato's.


An enforcer is a guy who is scouting around the city, he should try to get as many friends as possible in order to know everything before they happend, when they happend, what happend and where the situation took place, he is also a single rank abbove the Soldato's.


A Soldato/Sgarrista Is a "Soldier" of the family, their job is to make sure that the business is all fine, if someone is in the family's way, the Soldato's take care of them.


A Made-Man is a guy who just got invited into the mafia, his job is to keep order on the Associates, he will take care of nightclubs' and give a 30% Income to the don.


An Associate is a guy who is not a member of the family yet, he just runs small business as nightclub's 24/7's and all those kind of minor business, an Associate does not EVER Speak to the Don directly, he can speak to him yes, but he is not allowed to ask questions or anything similar, The associate has to pay 50% of their income to the Made-man (Who gives the Don 30% of his income)

OOC Information


We only got a few rules in the Mafia, if someone breaks the rules they will get kicked out of the mafia.

Allways follow the server rules! (No BH'ing, No MG, No PG)
Roleplay at all times!
Allways stick with someone within' the mafia
Associates should pay 50% of what they earn to their Made-man
Stick to the mafia's own business.

General Information

We Usually hang around Glen Park, where we will be opening nightclub's and casino's -We will offer "Protection" to most companys (Also called Exortion)
We got a high standard of RP, we stick to the rules, and NEVER EVER Pull a gun unless its nessecary.

By Joining/Trying to join/RP'ing For some time with us, you accept our CK Clause meaning that if the high-ranked thinks that you need to be removed from the faction, we can CK You without your permission.


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Logs from last night.

Post  limelemon on Sat Sep 17, 2011 8:36 am

2011-09-16 20:56:53 *Joey Carruso lift's both hands pushing towards Petre's chest as he sniffs once slightly
2011-09-16 20:56:57 [English] John Chon says: Look what you did dude
2011-09-16 20:57:08 *Joey Carruso clears his throat, gathering spit in his mouth, spitting towards Petre's face after the push
2011-09-16 20:57:12 * If he succeeds. * ((Joey Carruso))
2011-09-16 20:57:19 [English] John Chon says: Your ghetto ambulance almost broked our nice sexsy car
2011-09-16 20:57:24 * Joey Carruso succes. * ((Petre Robert))
2011-09-16 20:57:29 [English] John Chon says: IT'S NEW YOU MADASS!
2011-09-16 20:57:31 [English] Joey Carruso shouts: Aye' Pal'!!!
2011-09-16 20:57:34 [English] Joey Carruso shouts: You fuckin' piece of shit!!
2011-09-16 20:57:36 *Leo Scaletta balls his right fist behind Petre's back
2011-09-16 20:57:41 [English] Joey Carruso shouts: You betta' fuckin' pay for my fuckin' car.!!
2011-09-16 20:57:47 [English] Petre Robert says: or what
2011-09-16 20:57:53 [English] Petre Robert says: You beat me ?
2011-09-16 20:58:00 [English] Joey Carruso says: Or I'll fuck you to pieces.
2011-09-16 20:58:34 *Joey Carruso extends his right hand grabbing Petre's shirt (If he succeeds) pulling him close.
2011-09-16 20:58:42 * A man is sorrounded by what looks like 2 italians and a man wearing a suit * ((Leo Scaletta))
2011-09-16 20:58:43 * Three men is standing all up close at Petre. * ((Joey Carruso))
2011-09-16 20:58:47 [English] Tyrone Clarks says: Ay' White boys.
2011-09-16 20:58:48 * He failed pulling * ((Petre Robert))
2011-09-16 20:58:49 [English] Tyrone Clarks says: Back off.
2011-09-16 20:58:56 *Leo Scaletta turns his gaze to Tyrone
2011-09-16 20:59:02 *Joey Carruso glances over at Tyrone, as he then glances back at Petre.
2011-09-16 20:59:04 [English] Leo Scaletta says: 'Ey..
2011-09-16 20:59:05 [English] Leo Scaletta says: Look.
2011-09-16 20:59:11 [English] Tyrone Clarks says: Cuz.
2011-09-16 20:59:15 [English] Tyrone Clarks says: You dont Tell me look.
2011-09-16 20:59:16 *Joey Carruso leans his head back, then slinging it forwards towards Petre's head, trying to headbutt him
2011-09-16 20:59:16 [English] Leo Scaletta says: This man 'ere, he has no respect, eh.
2011-09-16 20:59:20 [English] Tyrone Clarks says: You nod... Walk off.
2011-09-16 20:59:26 * Does Joey headbutt Petre? * ((Joey Carruso))
2011-09-16 20:59:33 [English] Leo Scaletta says: Easy there.. We just want to teach him a lesson, eh.
2011-09-16 20:59:40 * Joey Carruso sucess. * ((Petre Robert))
2011-09-16 20:59:43 * Tyrone would appear as his skin, But with a red bandana around his mouth, Clearly the * ((Tyrone Clarks))
2011-09-16 20:59:46 [English] Joey Carruso says: Now pay the fuck up Pal'
2011-09-16 20:59:53 * Clip of a UZI and a Pistol of some sort in his waistline * ((Tyrone Clarks))
2011-09-16 20:59:57 [English] Tyrone Clarks says: I said Back off him.

Just a few logs from last night :3


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Re: The Carruso Crime Family

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Re: The Carruso Crime Family

Post  limelemon on Sun Sep 18, 2011 4:48 pm

Thanks Razz!


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Re: The Carruso Crime Family

Post  Tommy on Tue Sep 27, 2011 1:20 pm

This looks great! Just like an Italian Mob has to look like!

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Re: The Carruso Crime Family

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