Dave Dain-Admin Application

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Dave Dain-Admin Application

Post  Ryder on Fri Sep 16, 2011 3:59 pm

Name In Game(Account/Main Character):Dave Dain
IRL Name:Rolands
IRL Age:15
Country of Residence:Latvija,Riga
Main language:Latvijan
Other languages spoken:English,Russian,Lil bit Mexican
Time spent on Paradox:1day
How many bans/jails/warns have you had?:0
Now onto the Long Answer Questions, please answer in 100 words or more each.

What do you think a admin does on here?:I Think Admins here are Making/Scripting Things to make server gooder,Helping peoples/Teach new Rp players how to Rp,Making Houses/Npc's/Bussines. And stuff like that Wink

Whats your idea of "Good" and "Bad" roleplay? How do you react to players with bad roleplay?
Like Good RP - player is doing all of rules and is not breaking it

Bad RP - Player is doing non RP, breaking rules, so i must teach him

Other Questions:

Tell us 3 rules in your own words, explain them, And what you'd do if you saw a player breaking them
Dont Dm its when you attack player whitout rp cmds and whitout Valid reason-5min and if i saw him doing that again than warn him.
Dont Mg its when you Mixing OOC in IC Example: (In Charecter)Where is Admin? that would be MG you need to use ooc resorces.-3min ajail
Dont PG it when you Do rp cmd when other player cant react Example:/me Shoots man in head Wrong! It will be Pg because other player cant do anything-5min

What do you think you can bring our staff team?
Im Really Helpfull,Friendlly,Honest.All of you would be intresting whit me. i would accept almoust all reports so you all can relax Wink.

Why do you want to be an admin here?
I like this server. i can see this server will be full of people like in vG.I like this server staff moust of all players i know from other server and all of them are friends whit me.I like to help new players/players whit trobles.I can teach new players how to Rp and stuff like that i like to help peoples.I just love this server and i want to help server get to the top.

If you saw a player Non-RP Driving, how would you solve this?
If i will get admin i would tell him to stop Non rp driving and teach him how to drive in Rp way next time i would ajail him for 3-4mins

FINAL PARforT (I promise)
Multiple choice.

When i think maturity, I think:
(D) Physical Attributes

Roleplay to me is:

If i saw someone horrid at RP I as a admin would:
(B) Teach them RP

What does CPR stand for (Used commonly by cops, But admins must also have it):
Courtesy Professionalism Respect (C)

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Re: Dave Dain-Admin Application

Post  Blake on Sat Sep 17, 2011 4:36 am

I agree with the most of what you said, but shooting someone is not PG.

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Re: Dave Dain-Admin Application

Post  *Lavana* on Tue Sep 20, 2011 11:56 am

"Lil bit Mexican" :O Seriously ?

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Re: Dave Dain-Admin Application

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