LSTR Application: Brett Self

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LSTR Application: Brett Self

Post  rukoctrl01 on Sun Oct 09, 2011 2:34 am

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[[In Character Information
•Date: 10/8/11
•First Name:Brett
•Last Name:Self
Contact Number:18638
•Date of birth: 10/01/1990
•Why should we hire you?: I have background skill s and mechanics and I am a nice person
•Are you licensed to drive heavy machinery?: Yes i m
•What personal skills do you possess?: I can drive very well and do not wreck often
•Have you committed any crimes?: Once, breaking into Eric Selfs house
•Do you understand that corruption in this faction is not allowed?: Yes I understand
Do you understand that if, you are found guilty of not obeyingfaction or server rules, you may be kicked from the faction,or jailed/warned/kicked/banned from the server?: Yes
Ever got jailed/warned/banned? If yes, for what reason?: Jailed. For breaking and entering except he left his door open and I know him very well
Do you understand and agree that your Administration record may be researched?: Yes


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