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PO Application Form

Post  DrewBromfield on Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:54 pm

Surname: Bromfield
Given Names: Drew, Andrew
Gender: Male
Date of Birth:1-10-1988
Current Home Address
Phone Number: 18596
E-Mail Address: A.Bromfieldd@ Gmail.com
Place of Birth: Virginia
Current Citizenship: Citizen
Have You Previously Submitted an LSPD Application: No I have not submitted an LSPD Application before now.

Application information

Why do you want to be a police officer: I want to be a Police Officer because I want to protect Los Santos as best as I can because I care for the place that I live and want to make it a better place.

Do you possess any knowledge about the PD: I know where the PD is for one and I know a few codes and stuff from the PO manual.
If yes, what do you know?:

Name three of your best skills which can be used inside the L.S.P.D:- One skill is my excellent driving. Another skill is my knowledge of the roads around the PD and other parts of town. A third skill is my ability to talk to people without making them to pissed.

Why should we pick you as an academy student:- You should pick me as an academy student because I am a willing and worthy citizen and want to help my community become better.

Other information

Do you own a valid driving license: Yes i do.
Do you own a valid weapon license: No
Are you able to handle a weapon: Yes I am fully capable.
Are you aware of the possible dangers the job has: Yes I am fully aware of the dangers of the job.
Explain the word ''Teamwork'': Teamwork is when you work together as a team or with other people.

Explain the word ''Communication": Communication is the act of talking or interacting with others.

Explain the word ''Police'': A branch of law enforcement

Current Level of Education: Bachelors Degree From The University of San Francisco

Have you ever been convicted of a Criminal Offense that has not been Pardoned: No I have not.
if Yes list the charges and the city where charged below:

Signature: Drew Bromfield

OOC information

Questions marked with a * are optional.
Name*:Drew Bromfield
Age: 13
Nationality*: American
Average ping in the server: 120
Rate your English skill [1-10]: 10
Are you willing to speak amongst the other officers via central: Yes I am willing.
Do you have a working microphone and are you willing to use it: Yes I do and I am willing.
You must have a copy of Skype if you do: Yes I do my skype name is mrblargg.
What is your timezone? GMT : East Coast

RolePlay information

Previous character names: None
Previous factions on this server: None
How long have you been role-playing: A bit over a year mostly in World of Warcraft.
Rate your RP skills [1-10]: 7
Explain the word ''Metagame'': Metagame means using out of character information in character or for example if you pm someone telling them to go and distract someone until you can get there to arrest them.

Explain the word ''Non-RP'': Non - RP means not complying with an RP situation for example running away after someone shoots you.


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